Cost-efficient IoT-solution for supply management and order automatizations of liquids



ProLevels Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures a system for measuring the amount of liquid and the liquid level. The domestically manufactured product is used to transfer fluid consumption data to the ProLevels Portal in real time.



ProLevels is used to monitor both large and small amounts of liquid, and thanks to its long carrying capacity, it is also possible to measure hazardous and flammable liquids. The volume of the tank or the density of the liquid do not matter. Historical data can be used to monitor the consumption of the substance and to predict the need for filling.



ProLevels enables real-time inventory management. Continuous monitoring of consumption can reduce intermediate stocks and ensure timely deliveries. The system sends an alarm message when the amount of stored liquid falls below or exceeds the set limit. The device can be set to send an alarm in the event of a leak.



ProLevels Portal uses the built-in security features of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Roles have been defined for users and access rights have been restricted accordingly. The suppliers of different liquids cannot see the competitor's products.

User accounts are password protected and an https protected connection ensures that passwords are not compromised.

The connection from devices to the AWS cloud is protected by device-specific X.509 certificates. Each device has its own unique encryption key.
The IoT connection from the device to the AWS cloud service and back runs along Transport Layer Security (TLS). AWS against data encryption within the cloud service.

Jari Suhonen

Jukka Lakkonen